Dominican Authors

These are just some of the many wonderful works given to us by Dominican authors. They have been a source of greater understanding of our Dominican charism as well as wonderful resources for study sessions.


7632555The New Wine of Dominican Spirituality: A Drink Called Happiness by Paul Murray, OP
This lively and compelling book by Paul Murray OP celebrates the exuberance of the Dominican tradition. He shares stories of early Dominicans who following the example of Dominic himself, learned to drink deeply from the wine of God’s Word and become witnesses of unimaginable joy!





The Priesthood of the Faithful:
Key to a Living Church
by Paul Philibert, OP

The New Testament describes the baptized as “a holy priesthood” and a “priestly people”. This book explores this key doctrine of Christian faith and examines its significance for the spiritual growth of the faithful and for the revitalization of the Church. It is a terrific book to be used for Study in your Lay Dominican Community or Small Faith Group.

3249475Christ The Sacrament of the Encounter with God by E. Schillebeeckx, OP
The message of this volume is that Christ is the primary sacrament. It is a synthesis between the science of sacramental theology and the person of Christ. It illustrates that Christ is the font of all sacramental theology and draws practical implications for the life of faith, for as the author says, Christ is “the visible face of God on the earth.”




3785459_origThe Meaning of Tradition
by Yves Congar, OP

This book explains why Tradition is consonant with Christian faith. It explores its various forms and discusses the relationship between Tradition and Scripture as well as the role of the Magisterium of the Church. It also clears up many common misconceptions.






1243349_origEarly Dominicans: Selected Writings
by Simon Tugwell, OP
The spirituality of St Dominic and his followers is explored in this volume. Christ-centered spirituality is illustrated in Jean de Mailly’s Life of Dominic. The Nine Ways of Prayer of St Dominic, and the writings of Jordan of Saxony, Peter of Rheims, Thomas Agni, and Robert Kilwardby are included, but the main selection, Treatise on the Formation of Preachers profoundly illustrates the importance of preaching in the Dominican tradition.



1980913_origSing a New Song: The Christian Vocation
by Timothy Radcliffe, OP

Fr. Radcliffe is the former Master of the Order and the book is a collection of his letters and talks with members of the order as he traveled around the world. In the book he talks about he various places where Dominicans are living out their vocation. Throughout, Fr. Radcliffe manages to interject hope, humor, and love in such a way that one begins to get a feel for how truly special the Order is and how they are responding to God’s call.